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Solving the issue of website bloat

HTML, CSS and Javascript bloat is getting out of hand. Website bloat slows down your site, makes users annoyed and costs money. These are ways that you can remove bloat from your website

Open vs Closed Source Software

There is and has been a debate about open and closed source software and which is the superior software model. In this post I will be talking about the pros and cons of both models.

Dorper now has Comments

Using Staticman I have created a static comments system that works with Jekyll. Try it out by posting a comment!

Why I believe Typescript shouldn't exist

If you didn’t know, Typescript is a dialect of Javascript which requires the user to define types. However, it just compiles to plain-old Javascript, making the performance gains from defining types barely existant at all. This is because Javascript doesn’t have strongly defined types and variables are casted on the fly. All Typescript is doing is requiring developers to manually cast variables which is usually done in a Javascript Engine like V8 and Spidermonkey.

Dorper has moved to GitHub Pages

Dorper has recently moved to GitHub Pages for multiple reasons.